Eighty Years of History

When approached by Hassans Law Firm, the intention was to create a short documentary and a standard 30 second television advert to celebrate their 80th anniversary. However, after discussing further and delving deeper into the firms history, its role in Gibraltar’s development and the importance it holds in the community we felt that something else was necessary What we created was a hybrid of the advert and documentary format, which we dubbed – docu-ads.

These were a set of 1 minute interviews on key stages in the firms development mirrored with that of Gibraltar as a nation.

We were able to tell a story that kept viewers interested whilst still advertising the key messages that were important to get across – consistency, reliability, family etc. From each video we designed ‘key quote’ stills to further reinforce those messages that could precede releases on social media to create more ‘hype’

Additionally, Hassans now have a set of interviews from key members of their team archived for historical purposes on the development of the firm to date. The content was kept multi-purpose for future use in ad or general PR.

The turn around time for this was 1 month from inception to delivery.

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