Visit Gibraltar

Time to be Enlightened

The Gibraltar Tourist board commissioned a set of two adverts to played internationally on television and social media, in Spain and the UK. They also requested a new digital content portfolio to showcase Gibraltar during the ongoing COVID – 19 pandemic.

This was divided into two separate approaches. 

Firstly, we created a custom package combating the pandemics hit to tourism with the aim of  achieving two goals – consistency of content  and bringing Gibraltar to the viewer.

How we achieved this was by creating 47 stills posters utilising local photographers, 9 360 degree videos of various locations in Gibraltar, 3 mini documentaries ( 7 videos total) and 15 vignettes using drone footage and various shots of key sites around the rock.

You can see the implementation of this on the official Visit Gibraltar website –

The turn around time for this was 17 days from inception to delivery. When it came to the ‘Visit Gibraltar – Time to be Enlightened’ adverts we had made sure that during our previous shoots we had obtained footage that would easily transition into our television edits. This meant a quicker turnaround time and uniformity of product. A few extra shoots to augment our narrative and the project was completed.

Turn around time 2 weeks from inception to delivery.