We’ve been time-lapsing the changing landscape of Gibraltar since our start in 2011. From large scale multi-million pound builds to small home improvements. Time-lapse is a great way to tell a story.

Our process is simple

Step 1 – Survey

Find the best vantage points for each stage of the project

Step 2 – Create a plan of action

Help you understand our thought process and recommendations

Step 3 – installation

Our camera units are small and unobtrusive, requiring no cabling or external power source. Installation is carried out by one of our trained technicians at the pre-agreed locations.

Step 4 – Maintenance and Edits

Every month our team perform routine maintenance checks on each camera and retrieve its up to date footage. Our editors will then provide an edit of the works carried out that month for PR or personal use.

Step 5 – Completion

When the project is completed the cameras are removed and you are presented with a final video of the entirety of the project. This also includes an on site visit by our production team to take high quality video to add to the final product.

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